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Duty Recovery Programs

Our duty recovery programs are a highly cost-effective way of recovering potentially substantial funds that might otherwise be lost to your business.

RBI can help you get all the drawback you’re entitled to under the current regulations - every penny of it. If you export goods, you may be able to recover 100% of all customs duties paid on any imported materials contained in those products. You don’t need to be an importer to qualify for drawback. If you buy and export duty-paid imported goods from domestic suppliers, drawback rights can be easily assigned to you.


Drawback is a low-cost vehicle you can rely on to enhance profitability

If your company sells at a 10% margin, every $10,000 recovered equals $100,000 in business.  Drawback is affordable for anyone. Fortune 100 companies and mid-size firms utilize Duty Drawback program to boost their bottom lines. 


We can fully automate the process and expedites refunds by preparing complete drawback claims, handling all necessary computations and ensuring record keeping with pinpoint accuracy.

Here’s what the RBI Duty Drawback program can do for you:

If you’ve veneer filed for drawback, you can retroactively claim duty on exports shipped over the past three years.  This provision allows you to qualify for a substantial refund.

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